General Terms & Conditions
9/13/2023 10:27:38 PM

BE6 : Terms & Conditions

The rules listed below make up an agreement between BE6 and its customers.

When you sign up with BE6, it means you completely understand and agree to these rules:

1. When you visit the BE6 website and register to play any of our interactive online games (referred to as 'Games' collectively), you are entering into an agreement to follow these terms and conditions (referred to as the 'Terms'). It's important to read and comprehend them thoroughly before accessing the games and to proceed only if you agree to abide by these terms.

2. To place bets, customers must meet a minimum age requirement of 18 years. BE6 retains the authority to request age verification from customers and may temporarily suspend their accounts until they furnish satisfactory documentation.

3. Customers are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of their username and security information. If a customer believes that this information is no longer secure, they should promptly inform us. Any transactions conducted using the username will be the customer's responsibility.

4. Once a bet has been placed and confirmed, customers are unable to cancel or modify it.

5. BE6 retains the authority to invalidate any or all bets placed by individuals or groups attempting fraudulent activities. If there's evidence of multiple bets with identical selections made by the same person or a group of individuals, BE6 reserves the right to nullify these bets and temporarily suspend the associated accounts.

6. BE6 has the authority to close your account at any time, based on our sole discretion, if we detect wagers aimed at defrauding BE6 or if such wagers are made in cooperation with bookmakers or gambling syndicates to exploit payouts in our games. Additionally, we retain the right to withhold both winnings and the original wager from anyone involved in such actions.

7. To ensure the utmost security for your funds, we will conduct occasional security checks and maintain transaction and betting records. It is understood and accepted that, during a security check, we may request additional documentation to confirm your identity as the account holder.

8. If any of your personal account details or financial information related to your Account are incorrect, it's crucial to promptly notify us. Failure to do so may lead to transactions being declined by your financial institution. We cannot assume liability or responsibility for transactions declined due to incorrect details when you haven't informed us of any changes or corrections. 

9. The primary language for these Terms and Conditions is English. Despite our efforts in translation, if there is any difficulty in understanding a particular clause in these Terms and Conditions, the English version will be the only valid one.

10. BE6 prohibits individual customers from establishing multiple accounts (more than one account using the same currency). Customers discovered to have created duplicate accounts will face account suspension.

11. The intentional creation of duplicate accounts with manipulated personal details (if identified) may lead to the permanent termination of gaming account access. BE6 retains the right to invalidate all accrued winnings awarded to users, and the account will be permanently frozen.

12. Every bonus, promotion, and special offer is governed by its own distinct terms. The player commits to reviewing and comprehending the terms associated with each bonus they claim. BE6 retains the authority to withdraw any bonus, special offer, or promotion at any given moment.

13. Before processing any withdrawal, BE6 maintains the right to request customers to provide information such as Personal Identification proof, copies of the front and back of credit/debit cards, Passport, Driving License, recent bank statements, or other relevant documentation as deemed necessary by BE6 at its sole discretion. Failure to comply with any security request may result in BE6 voiding any winnings in your account.

14. These Terms & Conditions are part of the General BE6 Terms & Conditions.

15. These terms and conditions take precedence over any communication conducted via email, chat, or phone.

Standard Promotion Terms & Conditions

1. All promotional offers are restricted to one per individual, family, residential address, email address, phone number, payment account number, shared computer (e.g., school, public library, or workplace), and shared IP address.

2. Many of our promotions have a turnover requirement. This means that before you can withdraw your winnings, you need to meet this requirement.

3. Bets made on opposing sides or a draw will not be considered when calculating or fulfilling any rollover requirement.

4. BE6 can cancel your bonus eligibility, the bonus money you received, and any winnings from that bonus if we see that you and others are using similar betting strategies that could guarantee profits or bonuses. This could involve repeatedly betting on the same events or choices, whether in one account or multiple accounts.

5. If there is any misuse of bonuses, BE6 has the right to remove the bonus and any winnings linked to it from the customer's account.

6. Abuse of promotions can encompass various actions, including but not limited to: recognizable or questionable betting trends involving the same events, markets, or selections, whether in one account or across multiple accounts; an unusually high frequency or peculiar pattern of bets on the same selection(s) within a short timeframe, as compared to regular betting habits, and more.

7. BE6 cannot be held responsible if a member provides incomplete or incorrect information, which could lead to delays or failures in the delivery of gifts or lucky draw prizes.

8. BE6 retains the right to modify, cancel, revoke, or decline any promotion without giving prior notice.

9. All decisions made by the management are considered final.

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